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My Kea Method pillars focus on helping people to improve their relationship with their body, mentally, physically, and emotionally, through movement and self-awareness. Each workshop, event or one-one-one session is tailored to support your desired focus and goals.  Watching others experience the life-changing transformations that this method brings is my greatest reward and the reason I do what I do. 

How It Works


Let's jump on a call to talk about working together for your hosted workshop, event or one-on-one.


After our initial consult, I'll send over all the details about tailoring our session, dates, and pricing.


Once we've set a date and ironed out the logistics, we'll dive into the specifics of curating an epic experience!


We'll begin by learning the Kea Method of movement warmups and exercises that you can use for your own dancing or learn to share with your dance company.  Plus, how to apply this method to your everyday life and training. 

Depending on the workshop focus you choose, we'll dive deeper into storytelling, movement quality, and/or choreography.  After 20 years of teaching I can honestly say this process is life changing. You'll leave this workshop feeling emotionally released, strong, clear and creatively recharged to take your dance and life's goals to a whole new level.

This one or two-day event provides the opportunity to work with your dancers, staff, or group in an up-close, personal, and inspiring environment.

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Workshops on location:

Bring The Kea Method whole-body integrative approach to your studio or event.


My life’s work has been taking difficult challenges and turning them into learning moments. Overcoming adversity, and finding hope, love, and freedom in each day. My speaking and method focuses on achieving mental, physical, and emotional integration, through movement and self awareness.

Whether your event is for dance teachers and choreographers who are forging a new path with their creative work, or arts and entertainment minds looking  for a fresh approach to whole body wellness routines, my job is to bring people together and find the cord that connects us all.

Storytelling is my go-to way of communicating impactful messages that can open eyes and hearts to a new way of identifying life experiences we all have in common.

Event speaking & performing:

Wellness, mental health, and movement-related topics for both dancers and non-dancers alike.

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In our guided one jour mentorship sessions, we apply The Kea Method to all aspects of your life, since how we feel outside of the studio affects our training and creativity inside the studio.

Discovering your greatness and laser focusing on areas of life that can be elevated by implementing simple routines, can make a big difference in our day to day life. Sometimes we just need a little help getting there. That's where I come in! Let's make impactful shifts that stick that will help you to feel more centered, happy and healthy each day.

This virtual one-on-one coaching session will focus on enhancing your training habits as a dancer and setting new routines in your daily life to support your overall daily success.


virtual coaching Packages:

Get the benefits of The Kea Method in your day-to-day life with personal guidance and coaching.

“The Kea Method has helped me strengthen not only my body but also my mind.”

Sometimes it’s challenging to feel confident and beautiful in a society that is so focused on comparisons. Integrating the Kea Method into my dance and life has helped me to push past what I might not like about myself, and focus on the power I possess.   

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- leanna, 18

“When I am dancing, or before or after I go to dance class, I feel so much happier.”

Kea has helped me to become a more confident, creative, and expressive dancer and person. I love dance so much and I don’t know what I would do without it or without the amazing environment at the studio with Kea.   

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- bella, 13

“Kea is a master at weaving the practice of dance with experience and worldview.”

Kea has given me the bravery, power, wisdom, and methodology, through movement expression, to deeply explore my own sense of self, which has dramatically transformed for the better. I know that Kea Tesseyman will remain one of my greatest and inspirational mentors throughout my life’s journey.   

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– Isaiah Doble, 18

“Let’s make some magic together! Book a consult to learn more about my in-person dance workshops, and event speaking and performance.”

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