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The Kea Method

dance performance training

Dancer + Teacher

hi friends, I'm kea tesseyman

a.k.a Teen Whisperer
east coast based
Dance Choreographer
Wellness Advocate

My Kea Method Dance Performance Training weaves together a body mind self care foundation for dancers, with the power of story and dynamic choreography. I developed this method in my own studio and after wild success with over 1500 students and 75+ performances, I'm bringing this method to studios and students across the globe.

kea method 2 day dancer Workshop

Book me to teach a 2 day workshop at your studio. After 22 years of teaching I can honestly say this process is life changing. Every dancer leaves this workshop feeling emotionally released, strong, clear and creatively recharged to take their dance and life's goals to a whole new level.

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Grit & Grace Dance Life 🎙️

From the studio to the stage, (and everything in between), let's talk about the journey and life of a dancer! I will deep dive into mindset, daily habits, performance, and all the behind the scenes you need to know.  Discover your untapped potential for unlimited confidence in and outside of the dance world.

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In Person and Virtual Coaching

Get a completely tailored program to Infuse your training with the important support you need to maintain a healthy dance life and take your dancing to the next level. Focused training in choreography, dance movement quality, technique, personalized self-care and daily life balance routine, and more.

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The 5 Day Reset for Dancers

Get my Kea Method virtual training to RESET and RECHARGE your body and mind for enhanced quality of life and performance. I've lead hundreds of students through this simple and effective method, and I see the results of a more powerful and magnetic performance in each and every one of them. 

Every dancer should have this virtual training their back pocket!

Students I've taught using The Kea Method
Years I've been teaching, 14 owning my studio
Pieces I've choreographed
# of performances
I've directed/produced

“This Method has helped me to build so much confidence. I dance with freedom now, not worry or restraint.” 

I’ve always had a hard time feeling connected to my body and doing this workshop has helped me to tap into my body by accepting what’s in my facility so I don't injure myself. I now know how to set achievable goals that I can mentally manage without stress.

– KATIE, dancer

Real Results

“Kea's centering technique to take a second and calm down before going on stage, is so important to my performance experience.”

Using The Kea Method techniques keeps me feeling really strong, centered, and energized during long studio hours– and before and after performing.

– Cece, dancer

a few of many kea method love notes ♥️

The Kea Method training has helped me to understand the importance of authentic storytelling for dancers.

The Kea Method teaches us to dance to the world. To move and change, to adapt and be adaptable. It helps me tap into my emotions and personal truth through dance to be a more powerful storyteller. The Kea Method has completely transformed my dancing.

– raya, dancer

“Kea's transformational to work with. She's a master at weaving the practice of dance with experience and worldview.”

Her workshops have never lost my engagement for a minute, her invigorating passion combined with her vivid insights make her method of dance training continually compelling and energizing. 

– isAiah, dancer

“The Kea Method works! Most important is how my daughter feels about herself as a dancer.”

She is more confident as a dancer and as an individual. I have seen her work through some tough moments on and off the dance floor. The love and support from Kea and her fellow dancers is so inspiring. I just can’t say enough about the supportive environment."

– Andi Maxwell-Blood, parent

“You could not find a better teacher. Kea truly cherishes all the kids, celebrating their joy in movement and music.”

Kea has a special talent for inspiring the kids to step out of their comfort zones and reach a level of skill and musicality that is magical to behold. Thank you for going above and beyond to turn our kids into confident, beautiful dancers!”

– Esther Williamson, Parent

meet your teacher

Kea Tesseyman

Hi, I'm Kea! dancer, teacher, and mentor empowering people through dance around the globe.

I'm passionate about helping you find your best, healthiest way of dancing in your body and becoming liberated in your own life's adventure of movement. I've been teaching & choreographing dance for more than 20 years and I can't wait to share this transformational training approach with you!


I find so much joy and happiness leading dancers through this method that literally changed my own life. Behind each photo is a powerful story of a student’s journey and success with the Kea Method.

5 Core Daily Habits to Boost Performance

Whether you’re rehearsing for the stage or in the studio training, you need a routine that enhances your performance ability and keeps you feeling your best mentally and physically each day.

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