Hi, I'm Kea! Dancer, teacher, and mentor empowering teens and young adults through dance.

I'm passionate about helping you find your best, healthiest way of dancing in your body and becoming liberated in your own life's adventure of movement.

Philosophy: Knowing the self and what your personal story is, helps you to connect deeper to the audience and tell a riveting story that is believable. We don’t need more technical tricks pumped out on stage. We need stories and messages that move people. We need to know our “WHY” as performers and bring a shared connection and experience of love and understanding to both the dancer and the audience.

Dance has always been my constant. I found out early on that whenever I used movement to literally move the feelings inside of me, I was able to find clarity, strength and calmness inside myself even in the worst of times. On a personal level dance felt like magic, but counter to that, the often unhealthy dance studio culture/mentality could easily pull me off center.       

The Kea Method emerged out of my own burn out. I let my ambition and ego override my body's inner voice leading to injury and missed dance opportunities simply because I couldn’t (wouldn’t) hit pause to care for my mental, emotional, and physical well being.     

"The experiences and transformations I get to witness and share teaching this method is my greatest joy." 

One week when I was training in NYC, I was doing 5 classes a day and pushing myself way too hard. I was excited to be in a class with this big Broadway star, but I nearly passed out in a stairwell on my way up to the studio and I had to skip the rest of the day. In this moment of burn out and disappointment, I realized I treated myself completely differently when I was teaching than when I was doing my own dance training. I looked back on why I was pushing so hard...was I comparing myself to others and trying to keep up? YES! So much that I stopped listening to my body.  
I realized how much my mindset needed to shift in order to put my well being first. I made a promise to myself at that moment to develop a simple routine to check in, nourish and nurture my body, mind, and spirit. With consistency this routine completely changed my life, both in my dancing and in my daily life.   
My stamina, mental sharpness, emotional stability, physical strength and recovery time improved remarkably. My ability to focus, retain choreography, and feel totally IN my body while performing was (and is) the best it has ever been.

I took this method of training and implemented it with my teen and young adult dancers inside my dance studio, as well as a foundational part of training for shows I was choreographing and producing. And the results were honestly MIND BLOWING. Each and every one of my dancers experienced all the qualities I was experiencing myself... and The Kea Method was born!

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My morning routine & gratitude practice keeps me feeling clear, calm, and energized. 


My happy place is traveling to new places, teaching dance, and making new friends.


Music. I'm always rolling to my favorite tracks.... you can grab my Spotify playlist here

“Dance is my locomotive to move my thoughts and feelings and liberate my soul, but teaching how to do this through dance is my purpose in life.”

“Dance is my locomotive to move my thoughts and feelings and liberate my soul, but teaching how to do this through dance is my purpose in life.”

You should know

I've been choreographing, directing shows, and teaching dance for 21+ years, 12 owning my studio Kea Dance Center. I'm currently based in Boston MA, and Camden, ME... I travel globally working with and learning from incredible artists to continue my education in various styles. I'm BIG on integrating mental health and self-care wellness into my teaching and event speaking. Most recently I was featured as a guest artist at the Harlem Dance Festival in NYC to perform and raise awareness about how to integrate mental health and wellness tools into a dancers daily life.



My Dance Essentials

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