The Kea Method
2 day workshop

Book me to teach a workshop at your studio! A 2 day training for teens that provides the tools they need to take care of their bodies daily, both in and outside of the studio.  Dancers are guided to become more connected to their movement and how to perform at their best consistently.

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What is The Kea Method?

The Kea Method is a new approach to dance training for performance preparation. It encapsulates key elements such as bringing awareness and connection to the mindset, emotions and the body of a dancer. Then we hone in on how to make storytelling a powerful aspect of a dancer’s training. The workshop is tailored to your studios needs.

Day 1: The Kea Method Theory & Application

Day 1 is all about laying the foundational elements of The Kea Method. Through class discussions, writing exercises, movement training, and a personalized self-care routine– dancers will learn how to integrate this effective toolkit into their dance training for a whole mind-body reset. 

Dance Movement & Storytelling, Part 1: movement and discussion
Breaking down what's in our facility as dancers; the full body engagement and quality practice. Build creative currency to bring into any dance.

Warm up: movement
Welcome and introduction to bodyART

Mindset and Emotions Reset, Part 1:  discussion and writing
How to get centered and present for dance. The essential training for performers to become self aware and in the moment.

Self-Care Routine, Part 1: movement and writing
Introduction to building your pre and post dance / daily routine to fully reset how you feel. Includes myofascial release techniques, at-home routine, meditation and more.

Day 2:  Go Deeper, Story & Choreography

Dancers deep dive into different layers of storytelling and performing with the Kea Method. This holistic approach to dance training solidifies routines dancers can use in all aspects of mind, body and energetic prep for performance and self-care.

Self-Care Routine, Part 2: movement and writing
Finish your pre and post dance training routine and what you're going to do each day to stay on top of your own health and physicality.

Dance movement and Storytelling, Part 2: movement and discussion
Dive deeper into the power of storytelling, learning how to tell your personal story and easy ways to unite as a group. Continue building composition using the Kea Method approach to choreography and understanding WHY we dance. 

Mindset and Emotion, Part 2: writing and discussion
Set goals that are achievable and healthy. The power of positive self-talk and facing your fear. Learn a new habit loop that supports achieving dance dreams and the power of visualization.

Kea's Warm up and Conditioning: movement
A full body workout to reinforce technique, strengthen the body, and fully prep for dance & performance.

Workshop Add-Ons:

Choreography Review and Critique: Have me view & give feedback on a piece of choreo you already know.

Anatomy Focused Strength & Technique Training: Learn about your body's musculoskeletal system and how to supercharge your dancing with more awareness.

bodyART session with focused training on your goals.

Individual Student Private Lessons: soloist, duets etc.

Meditation and Visualization focused on show performance, enhancing confidence and focus.

Deep Dive into Myofascial Release: Learn more about the critical network of fascia and how to take better care of your body.

Create Choreography for your Students & The Stage. Styles for Choreography Add On: Contemporary, contemporary floor work, contemporary jazz, modern, street jazz, hip hop/old school funk.

Every dancer should have a way to reset and recharge in their back pocket. All workshop participants will receive free access to my 5 Day Reset for Dancers virtual workshop as a guided dancers body/mind reset whenever they need.

...and Special Bonus!

Hi, I'm Kea. I can't wait to meet you and get started!

After years of feeling like I was never quite reaching my best potential in and out of the studio, I finally developed a program that became a total game changer for me and my dancers. In order to perform at our best, we need to feel our best physically, mentally and emotionally.

This 2 day Workshop combines a routine of mental, emotional, and physical practices every dancer needs to show up feeling energized and present to the studio, in performance and in life.

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Ready for your dancers lives to change? Bring the kea method to your studio!

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Students I've taught using The Kea Method
Years I've been teaching, 14 owning my studio
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Ready for your dancers lives to change? Bring The Kea Method to your studio!

Students I've taught using The Kea Method
Years I've been teaching, 14 owning my studio
Pieces I've choreographed





# of performances
I've directed/produced 
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Ready for your dancers lives to change? Bring The Kea Method to your studio!

“For the first time ever I realized I wasn't afraid to perform. I took a deep breath and let go, and had the best performance of my life.”

After this workshop I feel more in my body and mind than in the 10 years I've been dancing. I learned to focus my mind on my movements and storytelling and not to bury the thoughts or emotions of “lifey” stuff, but how to use them like “creative currency”.

– Gemma

Real Results

“ For me, dance has always been more than just an after-school activity. When I first started dancing with Kea I was struggling to find my happy place, and I found it through the Kea Method.’’

This method has helped me feel like I can grow as a dancer and take care of my body. I felt an explosion of creativity when I did the workshop. If I ever feel lost or alone, I go back to my training with Kea and I feel inspired and invincible.

– Paloma

a few of many kea method love notes

“I used to panic and get really stressed if I had an injury or pain, but now I just go through Kea’s routine.”

I love doing my Kea Method Self-Care routines! I need a routine that grounds me when I get home and keeps me on track with taking care of my body after hours of training. I’m now showing up to the studio the next day feeling refreshed and recharged so I can dance at my best consistently.

– Sadie

“No matter the backstage craziness, this performance routine has helped me to totally feel centered and ‘IN’ my body which has completely transformed my dancing.”

With my routine of visualization, confidence in my dancing, and breathing techniques, I feel so solid right before the curtains open and I have FUN the whole time I’m on stage.

– Bella

Experience enhanced movement quality and ability to execute technique with ease, while staying connected to their character.

Know how to train with intention to perform at their best consistently and become a powerful movement artist on stage.

Gain the confidence that comes from knowing how to care of their body and mind in the dance studio and in their daily life.

Learn new training skills to enhance flexibility and strength, while preventing and reducing dance related injuries.

Wake up feeling rested, clear, focused, and energized– ready to accomplish the things they want for themselves
each day.

Have a clear method to reset and re-center their mind, body, and emotions whenever they get pulled off track.

By the end of this workshop dancers will...


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