The 5 Day reset
for dancers

Every dancer should have a way to reset & recharge in their back pocket. Give me 5 days and I'll show you how to  transform the way  you feel in your body/mind and how to consistently perform at your best, regardless of what life throws your way. 

After years of feeling like I was never quite reaching my best potential in and out of the studio, I finally developed a program that became a total game changer for me and my dancers. In order to perform at our best, we need to feel our best physically, mentally and emotionally.  This reset combines important aspects a dancer needs to show up to the studio feeling energized, present and ready to move.

Get the Reset Method I've Taught Hundreds of Dancers to Feel and Perform at Their Best Consistently.

Ready for your life to change?

— Cece

“Using The Kea Method techniques keeps me feeling really strong, centered, and energized during long studio hours– and before and after performing.”

The 5 Day Reset for Dancers

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5 day reset for dancers

the kea method

In this 5 day reset we'll work through tapping into each section of my method to reset mentally, physically, and emotionally. With each new habit you'll learn how to bring more balance, strength, and health into your life and your dancing. 

Each part of this journey you're about to take - I've been through. The videos that accompany each section of this reset will help you to take care of yourself as a dancer from a whole new perspective. I open up about my own journey as a dancer and the important things I learned that helped me to improve both in and out of the studio. I've got your back as you go through this week and build new habits that will truly shift how you think, feel and dance.

This PDF guide gives you the step-by-step framework you need to build your ideal daily routine and start feeling your best. Easy to use templates and of tips that'll help you stay focused throughout this reset as you implement new habits into your day.  This covers all of the areas I think you as a dancer need to bring balance to your life, so you can dance at your highest potential and live feeling truly centered in who you are.

I'm With You Every Step of the Way

Reset Design Guide

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Printable Guide + resources

It's up to you to keep up maintenance from the inside out. Not only does hydration and proper protein intake help your brain to function properly and your body to perform, but it also helps your body to recover after a dance class. The most important step for dancers everywhere is the recovery. Learn how to fuel your body so you can keep inflammation down, muscle fibers repaired and get real energy you need!

How to Keep Your Dancing, Fluid and Fueled 

Hydration & nourishment

As much as you focus on honing your craft and drilling your technique at the barre, you need to have a tool kit for your mindset. My simple mindset hacks will teach you how to wake up with clarity and intention, stay positive regardless of negativity, and arrive to the studio clear minded and ready to dance. You'll find you're able to focus in class better, you're picking up choreography faster, you're feeling more fluid in your movement and connected to your body. 

My approach to self-care helps you to supercharge your physical, mental and emotional power so you're ready for dance. This self-care system will help you feel put together and give you extra fun things you can add into your daily routine. Reduce inflammation, get glowing skin, feel relaxed after a long day, and so much more. I'm also going to walk you through what having a relationship with yourself and self-love really means.

Self-Care for Dancers

Rest, recover, recharge

Here's What's Included


Positive Mindset Pivots

Simple Mindset Hacks

Welcome to my studio! Each of these videos are staples of my day to day body maintenance and studio life. I find that a fun and joyful warmup gets my heart rate up fast and I end up laughing so much. I hope you have a blast dancing with me! (Warning - I get pretty silly:) I've also included my stretch and foam roll go-to routines too. I do these nearly every single day.

Dance, Stretch, Roll


An effective reset to recharge and get back on track right in your back pocket  

How does this sound?

A step-by-step guide that starts your day off right, centering your mind and body

Let's recap what you get

Dancer-specific movement videos, plus self-care suggestions and resources

Private Facebook group to ask me questions & connect with like minded dancers

Learn new habits that are quick and easy to do each day to feel and perform at your best in the studio and on stage

How It Works

As soon as you hit Enroll you'll be prompted to enter in your info to set up your membership and gain access to the 5 Day Reset hub. 

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Inside the reset hub you'll get instant access to the 5 Day Reset video trainings, movement videos, & your beautifully designed reset workbook.

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Once you've had fun exploring the 5 Day Reset hub, jump over and join the private facebook group to ask me any questions & socialize!

then this

“I used to panic and get really stressed if I had an injury or pain, but now I just go through Kea’s routine. I love it! The routines help ground me when I get home and keep me on track with taking care of my body after hours of training so I can show up each day feeling refreshed and recharged.”

Real results:

— Sadie

“The way I dance with KEA has forced me to look past what I might not love about myself, and focus on the power I posses.”

Real results:


— Leanna

Know how to pivot & adapt to consistently perform at a high level regardless of what life throws your way

Understand how to shift negative thoughts and situations so you don't get wrapped up in drama and toxic energy

Feel more confident knowing you're taking care of your body and mind in and outside the dance studio

Gain flexibility, strength and new skills for taking care of your body and reducing inflammation from dance 

Wake up rested & energized! Feel clear focused and ready to accomplish the things you want for yourself each day

You'll have a method to reset to feel and perform at your best whenever you get pulled off track  

By the end of this dancers 5 day reset, you will...

yes, let's do this! $97

— Bella

“No matter the backstage craziness, this performance routine has helped me to totally feel centered and ‘IN’ my body which has completely transformed my dancing.”

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

— Sarah

“After completing this program, I finally started attracting my dream clients.”



Hi, I'm Kea! Your 5 Day Reset for Dancers leader...

I'm a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. When I start feeling like the days get overwhelming, I'm sore and tired, and taking time for self-care seems impossible– I do this reset and it gets me back on track. I've lead hundreds of  students through this simple and effective reset method and I see the success in each and every one of them. It's ideal for getting back into feeling at your best quickly before  a season of dance training, and as a tool to support you mentally and physically through performance training.

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This 5 Day Reset for Dancers is the only one of Its kind because...

It makes ADDING simple and easy MICRO HABITS TO YOUR DAily life THAT SUPPORT YOU AS A DANCER possible. 

Currently in the world of dance, true inner body wellness and dance training have not yet been bridged. This reset lays out an easy to follow habit system to get you back on track and reboot how you approach your day. This sets up your mindset, your emotions and your physical body for success.

We all want to show up on the dance floor and perform at our best, but we have to take action in small ways to be fit and present in all aspects of our day. In this 5 day reset you'll learn a micro habit system that helps you to get clear on your dreams and desires and keep your body feeling great with self care and new movement practices. 

Get the reset system I've taught hundreds of dancers. If you've been waiting for a program to get your whole body ready for the dance life AND performance...THIS IS IT!

Ready to Take Your Dancing to the Next Level?!