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Grit & Grace Dance Life

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This podcast is about empowering all aspects of your life to feel and dance at your best!

In the Grit and Grace: Dance Life Podcast, I show you how to navigate life as a dancer, from the studio to the stage and everything in between. I deep dive into mindset, daily habits, performance, and all the behind the scenes you need to know. This is about discovering your ultimate confidence both in and outside of the dance world. Plus interviews with my students as well as legendary dancers and teachers to share candidly about their own life experience.

Inside the membership app you'll be able to access episodes and trainings on the topics you're most interested in, ask me questions in the chat, and connect with like minded dancers in a safe space. 

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How do I become more confident and secure? How do I find what I’m passionate about in dance?

How do I take care of my body and my mental health? How do I get on stage and overcome anxiety and nerves?

How do I manage the stress of a busy schedule and find balance with school, dance, and my social life?

How do I get better at learning choreography?How do I prevent injury and speed up recovery?

What do I need to do to become a stronger, more skilled dancer?

And, what do I need to know to become a captivating and powerful performer?

“I used to be stressed trying to balance dance, homework and my own self-care"

 Now I feel prepared and I have routines in place for every part of my life. I've never felt more balanced and healthy before!

— Sadie, kea method Student

Hi, I'm Kea. Dancer, teacher, and mentor empowering teens and young adults through dance.

I'm excited to share my experiences working in the dance world, living in a small town but dancing across the world and going from broke to a no-joke small business owner and entrepreneur and successful choreographer and performer.

My mission is to bring dancers like you into your highest potential, in and outside of the studio. This is my driving force for what I do; to be of service and help you achieve YOUR dance dreams and goals. I’m ready to tell you how I did it and how you can apply the same grit and grace to wherever you are in your life for however movement moves you.

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Years I've been teaching, 14 owning my studio


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What app is this podcast membership on?

Great question! This membership is hosted on Patreon. Patreon allows me to not only drop weekly podcast episodes for you, but it allows me to record video trainings, include downloads, and organize content into collections, making it easy for you to find and access exactly what you need.

How long do I have to commit to being a member?

The Grit & Grace Dance Life membership is just $10 monthly, so you can cancel your membership at anytime, or rejoin. You can get started for free and listen to my top 4 episodes covering a range of topics to try it out, no strings attached. Get instant access to your free episodes here.

CAn I ask you questions, or request an episode topic?

ABSOLUTELY! This is a 2 way street. I'm in the chat almost daily and I LOVE to hear your thoughts and feedback! I do monthly Q&A episodes where I dive into popular questions. And I count on you to let me know what topics your most interested in to create the content you want most.

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