Hi, I'm Kea! Dancer, teacher, and mentor empowering teens and young adults through dance.

I'm passionate about helping you find your best, healthiest way of dancing in your body and becoming liberated in your own life's adventure of movement.

Dance has always been my constant. That  and motherhood at a young age (my beautiful son is 18!). Throughout my youth I suffered many experiences that led me to question my worth, as so many people do.  I found out early on that whenever I used movement to literally move the feelings inside of me, I was able to find clarity, strength and calmness inside myself even in the worst of times.

Over the years I developed this form of movement into a practice,  then turned into a method. I was literally dancing out the feelings that were holding me back... and transforming negative thinking into the gold that gave me the power and grace to become the woman I dreamed of being– in dance and moving through daily life. I started magnetizing and booking amazing opportunities in NYC and around the world. 

When I realized what I had faced in my own life was what so many others were facing too, and in their own way, I realized that I had to share this process and method that allowed me to overcome fear, depression, anxiety, self-shame, body dysmorphia and many other symptoms of abuse and trauma. So I brought this transformational  method  into my studio classes and  choreography. 

"The experiences and transformations I get to witness and share teaching this method is my greatest joy." 

I've been teaching my method at my studio in Camden Maine for 12 years. These habits to build a routine of choreography that centers around a positive affirmation is vital to our mental and emotional health, and staying centered in an industry that can focus so much on the surface.

When we acknowledge and witness a difficult story while building continuous muscle memory through practice to learn the movements and pair it with constant reinforcement mentally of the intention, we can transform our dancing and change the emotional state and overall sense of self.

For me this was life changing, and so for my dancers it was essential to bring this into their training. What was the tool I used to teach dance became the very tool I used to rewire my brain, and through that, rewire my entire life.

It's all about bringing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being into the forefront of your training, while creating simple and easy self care regimes that boost you up from the inside out. My whole-body wellbeing practices take you to a new level through movement in and out of the studio. Now I'm excited to expand my teaching to location workshops around the globe and through mentorship and workshops.

Finding inspiration from


My morning routine & gratitude practice keeps me feeling clear, calm, and energized. 


My happy place is traveling to new places, teaching dance, and making new friends.


Music. I'm always rolling to my favorite tracks.... you can grab my Spotify playlist here

I love watching the transformations this method brings... 

“Dance is my locomotive to move my thoughts and feelings and liberate my soul, but teaching how to do this through dance is my purpose in life.”

“Dance is my locomotive to move my thoughts and feelings and liberate my soul, but teaching how to do this through dance is my purpose in life.”

You should know

Each day is a gift and an opportunity. I swear by my morning routine to feel calm, clear, and energized in my day. I splurge on good skin care products, supplements, and dance gear of course. It's so important to treat yourself well and love the body you're in. Check out my Dancers Daily Performance Routine that's changed everything for me! Download the free guide below.








KEA method is such a big part of me...

“This method has impacted my life in many different ways.” 

— Anna, age 15

Kea has taught me to be myself, love everything and everyone, speak my words, let my creative side flow and I am forever grateful for that. It lets me express my emotions and feelings through dance which is so beautiful.


DAnce has helped me to be less shy...

“Kea cultivates such an incredible atmosphere.” 

— Clara, age 12

Kea's workshops and classes are where I know I am safe, loved and capable of so much. The people are incredible, what we learn is incredible, and the dances we perform are always incredible.


The kea method teaches us to adapt and be adaptable

“Somedays, I don’t like the music that's playing...” 

— Raya, age 12

I look around, and I say to the world “Switch the channel please", but it won’t. So I have to learn to dance. And that is what The Kea Method does; it teaches us to dance to the world. To move and change, to adapt and be adaptable.



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