Here's what's on my dance and beauty essentials list– plus a few free Kea Method resources and the latest beats I'm dancing to.

my favorite

a few of my favorite

Tumeric for inflammation. Great alternative to OTC pain medication.

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K Tape magic for support & mobility, prevent injury.

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I love this classic white tiger balm for muscle relief.

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Coconut face wipes for after class or long rehearsals.

My go to leotard that is comfortable, with bra support– good price point.

Socks I love: Apollo performance, arch support for dancers.

Avoid knee pain by wearing joggers instead of leggings, I don’t go anywhere without these by Athleta.

My go to hair elastics. Kind to your hair, won't pinch.

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls: provides effective soft tool self-massage wherever you are

Super charge your water and your performance with this coconut H2O boost.

My go to Epsom salts for enhanced muscle recovery, relaxation and better sleep.

Biofreeze: for muscle and joint pain relief. 

Free Resources

See what's inside my dancers bag to support a full day of dance at the studio.

I need to feel centered and energized before I dance, this simple habit always helps me to reset.

5 Core Daily Habits to Boost Performance

Whether you’re rehearsing for the stage or in the studio training, you need a routine that enhances your performance ability and keeps you feeling your best mentally and physically each day.

free mini training

+ simple, yet powerful training tips
+ feel more energized & resilient
+ improve sleep & muscle recovery