The creative process is my favorite place to be! My work represents the countless hours where transformation and success took place both creatively and in daily lives.

My Mission

Over my 20 year career of teaching, choreographing, performing and directing, I have developed the Kea Method through my work at my dance studio, KEA Dance Center. Every day I lead students through this simple and effective method, and  I see the success in each and every one of them. 

This method helps you to become truly centered and grounded in who you are and your dancing will reflect that. Your movement, articulation, storytelling, sense of self and overall performance quality will improve when you apply the pillars to your everyday training in and out of the studio. 

Here are some productions I loved creating where the students were all led through the Kea method and applied it to their daily life. Their ability to connect with the audience and convey uplifting messages through their dancing was phenomenal. Scroll the galleries of these amazing performances and get ready - this will be you!

Dance Videos

“Thank you for producing a fantastic show! There is no doubt…everyone who attended felt the same. The overall energy was electrifying…thanks to you and your special students.”

— George Muller

The Lion King

The classic storyline unfolds, but with twists and turns added in due to Tesseyman’s outlook on the world, where no one is born evil, just that life has a certain way of giving us choices.

Power Performance

 This one-on-one style of coaching is extremely effective in helping a student to pair their love of dance, desire to perform, and need to process and transform their personal life or situation in life.

Grit & Grace

My Grit & Grace shows feature students who work with me year round, training in the Kea Method. Their stories and uplifting messages are stunning and these shows are a favorite for people in Maine.

Let’s Make Some Magic Together!

There are a few ways to work with me. Check out my KEA METHOD details to learn more about how my coaching works for teens and young adults! And visit my booking page for details on how to work with me!

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